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Victor Santamaria headshotAssistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Research Committee Member, Physical Therapy
Victor Santamaria, P.T., M.Sc., Ph.D., PCS, was born and raised in Spain. He obtained his specialization in Pediatric Physical Therapy, Neurorehabilitation, and Neuroscience and is currently a licensed clinician in the state of New York. Dr. Santamaria has more than 15 years of clinical experience and is an American Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatrics. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon and completed two post-doctoral fellowships at Columbia University. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and its Pediatric Section. Dr. Santamaria has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles and is co-author of the book “Motor Control: Translating Research into Clinical practice,” 6th edition. His collaborative research on impaired postural and reaching control in children with Cerebral Palsy, and other neuromotor disorders, has received continuous support from the National Institute of Health and other funding agencies.
  • Bachelor, Physical Therapy, University of Malaga
  • M.Sc., Neuroscience of INCYL, University of Salamanca
  • Ph.D., Human Physiology: Motor Control, University of Oregon
  • Postdoc Fellowship, Biobehavioral Sciences, Teachers College
  • Postdoc Fellowship, Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University
  • PCS, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy, ABPTS


  • Evonuk Award, Human Physiology Department (UO), 2014


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  • Santamaria V, Ai X, Chin K, et. al. "Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial to determine the efficacy of an intensive seated postural intervention delivered with robotic and rigid trunk support systems." BMJ open, 13(8), (2023) e073166. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2023-073166
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